5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels for Your Business

If you need to publicize a new product, you can choose one or more digital marketing channels to transmit the message. Some common channels include social media, video marketing, and influencer marketing. Your website is an ideal channel for your content marketing campaigns. Through blog posts and announcements, you can provide current and potential customers with valuable and relevant content to help them solve their problems.

Because websites have multimedia capabilities, you can easily distribute different types of content, from articles to infographics and even videos. Email is a medium to high ROI channel for companies. It allows you to apply the latest trends in content marketing, such as personalization and automation, without affecting your marketing budget. Uber Email's Halloween marketing email also has the capacity to support other marketing objectives.

73% and 63% of B2B sellers say that email is their main tool for generating leads and generating revenue, respectively. Social media marketing is on this list for some very valuable reasons. It's not just about social media users reaching the 4.48 billion mark. From being a channel that people use to establish personal connections, social networks have evolved into something greater, bigger and better than they were originally imagined to be.

Nowadays, you can reach potential buyers by engaging them in a more personal and authentic way. As such, it's easier to direct your efforts towards organic social media marketing, since the platform was initially designed to encourage interactions rather than selling to your potential customers. You must invest time in cultivating relationships with your target market while trying to understand the needs and interests of your buyers. Ultimately, this can help you generate highly qualified leads on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, which represent 80%, 13%, and 7% of qualified B2B leads, respectively.

It has also been found that PPC results get 150% more conversions than organic visitors. Clearly, paid search could represent a win-win situation for their marketing campaigns. The number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. That's why it only makes sense to offer promotional content to mobile device users.

In addition, thanks to geographical segmentation strategies, in which location information is used to recommend products or services more comfortably, the customer experience can also be constantly improved. The Starbucks mobile app has features that support your sales operations. Last but not least, mobile devices can collect customer data, which you can then use to map out a mobile marketing strategy that produces results. Display ads allow you to use images, audio and video to better communicate your advertising message.

They are displayed on websites, email platforms, social networks and many other digital channels that offer ad placements, usually in the form of a banner. You may be a traditional company wanting to change brands; in this case, social media marketing should be a good starting point. You can check the previous section of this post to find the perfect channels for your goals. It's possible to market your business online without spending a single dollar.

However, if you want to be more competitive and take advantage of different digital marketing channels such as SEM or social networks, you will have to spend money. While Facebook is the most used marketing platform in the world, the best social media platform for you is wherever your target audience is. If you find that your customers prefer Twitter over Facebook, for example, it would be more worthwhile to invest in focusing your marketing efforts on Twitter. Gone are the days when a company could avoid including digital marketing in its marketing plan.

While the term digital marketing was first used in the 1990s when the digital era took off, companies are still hesitant to dive into the field of digital marketing 30 years later. Before addressing the 5 most effective digital marketing channels for your business let me demystify digital marketing a little and share its benefits. Digital marketing is a general term that encompasses all types of online marketing such as video marketing, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing SEO PPC graphic advertising and mobile marketing among others. All digital marketing channels play a role in solving a business and harmoniously complement each other.

While the most effective digital marketing channels for your company will depend on various considerations here are the 5 most effective digital marketing channels that are trending and that have been proven to generate significant results: One of the most dominant digital marketing trends today and probably for the next 5-10 years is video marketing. Video marketing has been proven to not only create brand awareness but it's also extremely effective at increasing traffic and conversions. Create video blogs (vlogs) based on the content of your blog then embed that video intelligently in your blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy - this will attract readers and conversions as well as getting more out of your content. Like email marketing content marketing is another of the most effective digital marketing channels for generating ROI according to LYFE Marketing who reported that content marketing can generate three times more leads for approximately 62 percent less than traditional marketing methods - potential customers are people who are more likely to buy your product and become loyal customers as you foster that relationship which is different from website traffic alone.

The latest social media statistics show that 73 percent of marketers believe that social media has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their businesses - in addition 54 percent of social browsers use social networks to research products - seventy-one percent of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it. Finally paid search (PPC) should not be overlooked as an effective digital channel - PPC allows you to target specific audiences with relevant ads based on their search queries - this helps increase visibility while driving qualified traffic directly from search engines. In conclusion there are many effective digital channels available today but it's important to remember that each one should be used strategically depending on what works best for your business - while some may work better than others it's important not to overlook any one channel as they all work together harmoniously.

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